26 January 2021,   13:47
"I said if you accept us in NATO, the recognition will follow," Archbishop Jacob on the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church in the US

When Georgia will recognize the autocephaly of the Church of Ukraine - partners in the United States are already interested in the position of the Georgian side . The representative of the Patriarch, who was on a visit to Washington, was asked these questions. This was confirmed to the "Courier" by the Archbishop Jacob himself.
The bishop of Bodbe states that during his meeting with US partners he raised a counter-issue that meant Georgia"s membership in NATO. Archbishop Jacob was interested in what was the cause that the Alliance had in order not to take the country to NATO.
"So far, they have not got autocephaly, but the time will come and the Ukrainians will receive it. They have been given more autonomy. I spoke with the Americans about this topic and they understand it. I made a counter-question - what"s the reason that we"re not in NATO? Do you have a reason? Did you have reasons for this? They told me that they had reasons.I said if you accept us in NATO, the recognition will follow,, "-said Archbishop Jacob.