13 June 2021,   21:40
Content of the letter is perceived as the desire to control an independent channel - the founder of "TV Pirelli

"A content of the published letter is perceived by TV Pirelli as a desire to control independent and impartial channel, "- The founder of TV Pirelli comments on the letter, sent by Giorgi Gakharia to mamuka Khazaradze.

Vato Tsereteli explains that "TV Pirelli "s incomes are transparent. The founder of the channel states that they will farther maintain the independent editorial policy and will not subject to any political or other kind of conjuncture.

" You know that my company and initials are mentioned in the case as well. I have a I have a reasonable suspicion that for this reason they demanded Khazaradze to deliver a message regarding a exchange TV Pirveli"s editorial policy ... I am owner of 100% of TV Pirelli"s shares. I would like to tell the society that TV Pirelli is based only on its incomes and this income is transparent.

The channel and its journalists determine independence of the editorial policy, The editorial policy of the channel is not subject to any political or other kind of conjuncture and "Trend", which confirms the conclusions of international and local organizations and reputation of journalists, who work on this channel , "writes Vato Tsereteli.