11 July 2020,   22:34
When they did it to Khazaradze, other businessmen feel that they are worms - Roman Gotsiridze


The parliamentary opposition does not trust investigative bodies. They say that the Prosecutor"s Office does not conduct an objective investigation on the TBC Bank case.

The opposition also thinks that in the end, a case of the scandalous letter will not be investigated.

Roman Gotsiridze, one of the leaders of " United National Movement" says that business is being terrorized in the country, However, only Fadi Asly says that the case of TBC Bank is damaging for the country.

"Business is terrorized. I can"t believe that there is no successful and recognizable businessman in Georgia, who can say that the case of TBC Bank is a destruction of business and the destruction of the investment climate in the country,"- Said Roman Gotsiridze.