27 October 2020,   17:00
Ivanishvili should go, coalition government should come- Tako Charkviani founded party "Law and Justice"

"Law and Justice" - is the name of Tako Charkviani `s party, the founding congress of which is being held at the moment.The participant of the congress party have already been addressed by the leader. She talked about the deep crisis, in the country which as she said led her to create a party.
Tako Charkviani states that the opposition"s union showed that the parliamentary elections could be won.According to Tako Charkviani, the party will work on the anti-corruption law and that is its main goal. According to her, the country is governed by a Russian corrupt method and it should end.
"We have to bring the country out of the crisis, I feel so that our country has been tagged, as if somebody took a deposit for a reservation of our country. The lands are sold so that even the small investment is not made. Targeted sabotage plan is implementing against Georgia, is it a Russian corruptive management style? Some people eat our budget, then they come out and tell us that 700 million is spent from the budget, one billion and half is seized from the infrastructure. I"m saying this from what voiced at the press conference by the head of the party and for me, by the informal governor, Ivanishvili, "Tako Charkviani said.
Tako Charkviani was critical towards the government. According to her, in the country where the population is starving, senior government officials live in luxury. According to Tako Charkviani, "Georgian Dream" failed to lead the country forward.
It is already known who are the people who will join the party. These are: Irakli Ghlonti, Misha Ramishvili, Keti Enukidze, Giorgi Tsobekhia, Tamar Pataraia, Marie Savelidze