27 October 2020,   17:00
Business under government pressure - after "Omega" and TBC other businessmen openly speak about oppression

Other businessmen have started talking about pressure from the government after "Omega" and "TBC". Among them is Tamaz Elizbarashvili. Several days ago, he released a video threatening the government with publicizing of the facts of pressure on business.
Tamaz Elizbarashvili said in an interview with P.Sc, that there are many cases in which everyone, including American and European diplomats can be assured that business in Georgia is not free. Elizbarashvili was detained during the "National Movement" government. Today, he is acquitted of all charges and says that he had a big struggle in the conditions of the Georgian Dream"s governance to return 6 million lari bail, but he still could not fully get back the money.The former head of the cigarette distribution company "Elizas" openly states that the new tax on cigarettes directly hits the business that is now owned by his family and relatives.
In addition to Elizbarashvili, another businessman released a video last week. Founder of "Fresco" Vasil Sopromadze blamed the government for pressure and noted that the financial police have been in the company for several years. He says that business in Georgia is under incredible pressure.

Businessmen say that the government did not leave the way out for them, because all the regimes that have to deal with their problems, including judiciary are acting against them as a result of government pressure .