24 November 2020,   08:25
Fady Asly speaks about Government"s Political Vendetta

Government"s Political Vendetta and mafia and monopolistic style of governance - is the assessment of the head of the International Chamber of Commerce. Fady Asly claims that there is political vendetta against businesses that are close to the government"s opponents.
The head of the International Chamber of Commerce publishes the list of those companies that the government has been harassing for years. Part of those companies have either gone bankrupt or are on the verge of bankruptcy. Fady Asly says that political strikes against their majority are being carried out. Among them are "Iconia Capital," "Giant Security," "Chateau Telavi," "Algorithm."There are about 20 companies in the list. Fadi Asly says that it is just the peak of the iceberg. The head of the International Chamber of Commerce states that businessmen are afraid to speak loudly. To threaten them, the government operates almost every time with the same scheme. Fadi Asly name Bidzina Ivanishvili as the main actor of this scheme.While the businessmen are afraid of losing their business, the business organizations should raise their voice - Fady Asly and hides that he is disappointed that he turned out almost completely alone vis a vie the government.