22 January 2021,   17:26
Unprincipled and inadequate policy that encourages the occupational regime - opposition criticizes government

More than 300 kidnapped during the last two years - activation of Russian occupants at the administrative border is considered by the opposition representatives as a result of the soft tone towards Russia. They call on the authorities to strengthen patrolling on the occupation line and to pay more attention to the local population. On the other hand, the government names as the only lever in the current situation the involvement of the international community, which, according to the majority, Tbilisi actively uses.
"We see the intentionally damaging policy of the Georgian authorities which includes speaking to Russia in a appeasing tone and we have warned this government several times to strengthen the occupation line, strengthen patrolling and increase the personal staff," said Gia Baramidze.
The "European Georgia" blames the government of Georgia in wrong policy towards the occupant country. Otar Kakhidze, a member of the opposition party, said that Georgia should create maximum discomfort for Russia.
In the majority, they believe that the government is acting adequately and effectively using all the tools available at its disposal.
"We have the leverage at our disposal in this issue - the international community, which we actively use" said Sopho Katsarava, chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations.