22 January 2021,   17:28
We are ready to help Georgia, but there are a number of problems - the US Department of State

The United States Department of State makes a detailed explanation after the report on human rights.According to Michael Kozak, a senior official of the agency, the data cited in the document is used by the inter-government authorities in relations with different countries. In response to Rustavi 2"s journalist"s question Kozak confirms that there are a number of problems in Georgia.
"We are preparing reports because the United States Congress should know who they are dealing with when making decisions on different countries regarding assistance, trade and other issues. The accounts are also used by the executive authorities. In Georgia, there are a number of problems. However, I believe that during the years Georgia has made significant progress on all fronts . There are still many things in the country that can be improved and that is what we always call on our partners. I think the Georgian government has acknowledged that there are steps that they can take to improve the situation. We are ready to help Georgia, but as I said, there are problems, "said US Ambassador Michael Kozak, senior adviser to the US Department of State, Human Rights and Labor.