22 January 2021,   17:44
Abazov was released from prison as a result of Bera Ivanishvili"s Interference - Scandalous Information on Marneuli Former Mayor

A former Mayor of Marneuli, who is accused of persecution and degrading treatment was released after Bera Ivanishvili"s involvement - " Presa.ge" publishes a scandalous article.

Investigative journalists claim that the former Mayor of Marneuli, who was forced a citizen to wash his face with urine and published the video, was released from prison after Ivanishvili"s phone call.

Temur Abazov now asks the Marneuli City Council to refund him 30 thousand GEL as a compensation.

Giorgi Kapanadze, the editor of "Presa.ge" says that Abazov has close relations with Ivanishvili"s family because he was their guardian for years.