17 January 2021,   10:28
You are going to focus on the active militarization of the space and can not appoint an ambassador to France - Giga Bokeria addresses the Foreign Minister

"Why are you protecting him? Have I insulted him? "- Giga Bokeria, one of the leaders of" European Georgia ", asked MPs of the ruling team after he had been interrupted several times while asking questions to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and MPs in the Parliament went on at the background of acute controversy. At the joint sitting of Committees for European Integration and Foreign Relations, where the discussion of Georgia"s foreign policy strategy of 2019-2022 was presented by Davit Zalkaliani, the opposition drew attention to several serious issues.
Giga Bokeria was interested in why the Otkhozoria-Tatunashvili list, which the governing team recognizes, is not used as an important tool in relation to Russia at the international level. According to the minister, the list will be reflected in the Action Plan document.
Giga Bokeria demanded from Davit Zalkaliani to explain why the case against Russian officers who committed criminal acts in the occupied territories was not launched.
In response to the criticism of the opponent, the Minister said that the list is a live document that reflects relevant topics.
In addition to analyzing the situation in the occupied territories, Giga Bokeria asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding NATO exercises in Georgia. He also commented on the statement of the President of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili, in addition to the position of the Russian side regarding these exercises who stated - " why we are delighted about the tensions that are growing around us and in the vicinity of the occupied territories. The emergence of American military equipment in itself, it is not clear what it serves, I do not understand, is not clear. "
Bokeria asked the Minister to specify his position regarding this statement - whether it"s harmful to the interests of Georgia.The Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that the exercises were needed for integration and noted that he did does not know this statement of the President .In addition, Giga Bokeria reminded the minister that the ambassador in France has not been appointed for almost 8 months. In response, Davit Zalkaliani noted that the ambassador"s candidacy could not been agreed yet.
"The document says that you are going to focus on the active militarization of the space and you cannot appoint the ambassador to France, and what are you going to do there, I
wonder? When you appoint the Ambassador in France, in the most important country, after eighth months, then come back and let us know your plans of cosmic militarization, "Bokeria said.