22 January 2021,   16:56
Critical Report - US Department of State report becomes an object of attack by Georgian judges

New target of the attack of the judges` clan is the report of the US State Department. After the nongovernmental sector and politicians, Georgian judges are now disappointed with the US Foreign Ministry"s competence and claim that the report prepared by the State Department is biased.
According to the US State Department"s report, Bidzina Ivanishvili oppressed the court in Rustavi 2 case and Giorgi Mamaladze`s right to a fair trial was restricted.
Justice Council Judge members called the criticism "rumors" and said that the US Department of State was distracted by the Georgian NGOs when they wrote that the judiciary was under "clan" control and that the judicial decisions were not independent.
Similar to judges, the country"s chief diplomat focused on source of the US Department of State"s report and said that the State Department"s report is a mixture of Georgian civil sector and opposition assessments.
The third sector reminded the government and the judges that the US State Department"s reports are highly credible because they carefully examine the information received from the countries, and only afterwards publish the report.
The report of the US Department of State includes a large number of not investigated cases , including murder of Temirlan Machalikashvili and Davit Saralidze.
The report also speaks about the violations revealed during the presidential election.