08 August 2020,   21:20
"Speak about the case, you trash" ... - Zaza Papuashvili addresses Giga Bokeria

Parliamentarians listened to the Public Defender on the background of noise and obscene statements. The dispute was held at the plenary session between the ruling party and the opposition members.
Zaza Papuashvili, a lawmaker from the "Dream" MP Giga Bokeria, who addressed the Public Defender with a question, addressed him with an obscene remarks. Zaza Papuashvili did not like Bokeria"s speech and called him "a clown".
""Speak about the case, you trash" ... come on," Papuashvili said while arguing with Bokeria. In response to these statements Giga Bokeria called on the chairman of the parliament to calm the lawmakers.