08 August 2020,   04:59
"Georgian Dream" is ready to undertake whatever to win "- Opposition evaluates events in Zugdidi

The developments in Zugdidi over the last 24 hours, the opposition believe that the government is preparing to rig the midterm elections. According to them, adequate legal response is necessary, but they do not have the hope of investigation. The opposition calls on Ivanishvili to transfer power peacefully . The majority say that their main task is to conduct peaceful elections and make sure their candidate unconditionally prevails.
"We spotted a very serious criminal offense," said Khatia Dekanoidze.
One of the leaders of the "European Georgia" Gigi Ugulava explains that the government is in panic.
"What we see in Zugdidi is a manifestation of panic , we see that the" Georgian Dream "is ready to everything about it, we saw that theState Security , the police, the power, the money, are all involved against the Georgian people already," said Gigi Ugulava.
Ugulava"s opinion is shared by the "Republican" Tamar Kordzaia who states that the government is doing everything to maintain power. According to her, this is proved by the developments in Zugdidi.
Majority MP Tamar Chugoshvili says that the ruling party"s goal is to hold elections fairly and she cannot have the information about how and where the voter lists are taken.
"Our task is to hold elections in a peaceful and fair environment." We have all the information that we have, we are confident that our candidate has a big advantage, perhaps this causes the tensions in Zugdidi, "said Tamar Chugoshvili.