22 May 2022,   07:49
"Dream" expresses no confidence in the research conducted by "Ipsos", while opposition predicts extraordinary parliamentary elections

The "Georgian Dream" declares mistrust to the research commissioned by "Rustavi 2"by the organization "Ipsos" .One of the leaders of the "Dream" coalition and the head of the government called the survey commissioned by "Rustavi 2" falsified.
The organization "Ipsos", to whose survey results the ruling party has expressed mistrust, is among three leading organizations in the world and operates in 88 countries. In the series of attacks, the leaders of the ruling party have lost one important detail - "Ipsos" is the organization that Bidzina Ivanishvili says he trusts most .
The survey showed that Ivanishvili has established anti- record this year and the majority of the population is negative towards him. The opposition made a major conclusion from the survey, Ivanishvili"s political train is approaching the last station.The MPs who left the majority predict a far more serious political future for the "Dream."
Former members of the "Dream" say that for the ruling party it will be harder to achieve results in 2020, and the extraordinary parliamentary elections are expected in 2019.
The results of "Ipsos" for the non-parliamentary opposition are a direct message that the opposition will not be able to win without Mikheil Saakashvili. The opposition today advised the authorities to refrain from intimidation, bribery and fraud and conduct elections in transparent and peaceful conditions.Opponents of the government say that the "Dream`s" violent campaign will further diminish their days of being in power.