11 August 2020,   10:20
Odishi journalist, who was attacked, was charged - politicians and human rights defenders speak of signs of political persecution

Politicians and representatives of the third sector are critical of the investigation launched against Odishi TV journalist Levan Toria.
The investigation charges the journalist with committing violence. The incident occurred several days ago in the Dadiani Palace yard where Sandra Roelofs and journalists were attacked.Member of the Political Council of the "United National Movement" Khatia Dekanoidze sees signs of political persecution against the journalist.
"When the journalist was attacked and this journalist should then be held accountable and kept for a few hours in the police, it is an ordinary political persecution that demonstrates how the government behaves in Zugdidi," said Khatia Dekanoidze.
In addition to violence, non-governmental organizations focus on the fact of interfering with journalistic activities.
"The fact is that in this case the media representative was taking an interview and he was not allowed to conduct his work, "- said Mariam Gogosashvili of GYLA.
The incident happened in Zugdidi several days ago. The journalist was taking an interview at Dadiani palace from the Mayoral Candidate of the United Opposition, Sandra Roelofs when he attacked by a five-person group and physically assaulted . The journalist was questioned about this case.Although Levan Thoria was attacked and injured, he was charged yesterday.