11 August 2020,   11:10
"Dream" accuses the opposition of attempting to strain the situation

"Georgian Dream" denies unprecedented blackmail and intimidation during the pre-election campaign in Zugdidi and accuses the opposition of straining the situation.
Special briefing was held today by Archil Talakvadze, who said that the government will not leave any fact of violence without reaction.
However, no one accused of violence has been arrested yet.
"According to all the data we have from door to door, our internal studies, our candidate Gega Shengelia has a convincing advantage and in case of high activity has a real opportunity to win in the first round. Therefore, I appeal to all our supporters to actively participate in the elections tomorrow, to fix their choice and thus help Gega Shengelia to win in the first round, "said Talakvadze.
Members of the faction "Georgian Dream" Sopo Katsarava focused on the manipulations of the opposition.
"I would like to call on everyone to keep calm, because our main task is to carry out midterm elections in a peaceful, stable and democratic environment. For this, all competent agencies are mobilized, "said Katsarava.