22 May 2022,   09:21
Situation in Zugdidi is extremely tense - shooting heard in the polling station # 87

There are 14 hours before interim elections and the situation is very tense in Zugdidi - a short time ago, the shooting was heard at the polling station # 87 in the Porcelain settlement.
The shooting happened when Zoia Kvartskhava, the observer of the United Opposition, got out of the car and was about to enter the polling station. Her attention was drawn to an armed man who was moving to the entrance of the district.
Zoia Kvartskhava says that the man shot in the air immediately after her appearance. The observer managed to take a photograph of the vehicle by which the armed person was moving.
According to one of the versions, the same vehicle was also revealed in the case of withdrawal of election lists from the DEC, supposedly driving the coordinators of the Georgian Dream and the members of the election commission when they returned the lists back.The representative of the United Opposition arrived at the Zugdidi police station to give testimony.
"Two cars were standing next to each other. One blocked the road. They had guns. I was scared. Suddenly they fired in the air. All this was before the polling station. This polling station is in school. Despite the fact that I was frightened, I managed to take a picture. Both faces are visible on the photo, "Zoia Kvartskhava said.
Chairperson of Election Commission Precinct # 87 confirms that the sound of shooting was heard.
"I was with my secretary and one of the members of the "National Movement "who is a member of our commission. We heard some sound, but we did not think that it was a gun shot, "said Zhana Kurua, chairwoman of the Precinct Election Commission # 87 in Zugdidi District.