30 June 2022,   20:54
74% of the population support NATO integration - NDI

74% of the population support the integration into NATO - the National Democratic Institute has published public survey results.

When asked whether Georgia"s goal to become the NATO member is appropriate for them, 15% of respondents say that it is "unacceptable."

53% of those citizens, for whom the North Atlantic Alliance is acceptable, say that it is acceptable because it will provide more security for Georgia.

In addition to security, 37 of respondents expect that the NATO membership will improve economic conditions.

27% of those supporting NATO membership say that it will increase the possibility of restoration of territorial integrity.

And the questioned citizens, for whom the NATO membership is not acceptable to say that it will cause the conflict with Russia. 51% of respondents think this way.

In addition, NATO membership is unacceptable for them, as they think Georgia will lose more territory. 12 per cent of the population shares this position.