25 January 2022,   23:39
144 -people list - judges from the first scandalous list have claims again

The General Prosecutor, his deputy and the current chairman of the Constitutional Court are among the 144 people who are trying to get into the Supreme Court. These three senior officials are considered by the opposition as the main instruments of Bidzina Ivanishvili"s influence in the judiciary system, but the list does not stop there. Eight judges from the first scandalous list, which led to the split of "Georgian Dream", re-submitted the application.
Mikheil Chinchaladze and Dimitri Gvritishvili said no to the second chance. The Civil Sector states that this does not mean much because the plan of Murusidze-Chinchaladze"s clan and of the political power is unchanged - the highest institution should be composed based on their own interests. Due to the hidden voting, the Supreme Council of Justice will easily bring this plan to completion.
The NGO states that there are worthy candidates among 144 competitors but they have less chance. Non-judge member of the High Council of Justice Nazi Janezashvili does not expect a pleasant surprise from his colleagues. The secretary of the Council, who is trying to become a judge of the Supreme Court for the second time, thinks that the critics damage unprecedented transparency of the process.
Who will be 20 favorites will become known in the coming weeks. The process of primary selection of applications in the Council of Justice started today.