10 August 2020,   03:18
The 2018 budget - execution report will be discussed at parliamentary committees today

The 2018 budget execution report will be discussed in seven committees today.
The opposition is dissatisfied with the performance. Opponents of the government say that due to improper economic policies and wrong planning of the budget, the living cost of the population is rising and new jobs are not created.
"The budget is an opportunity for the government to lead the economic policy so as to create jobs and have high economic growth and this will happen only if taxes are low and there is less regulation. The main question we will have with the government is why the government does not refuse to remove the money from people"s pocket, "Zurab Tchiaberashvili said.
One of the committees, where the 2018 state budget is being discussed, is the Education Committee. According to the chairman of the committee, Mariam Jashi, the main question concerns vocational education. The State Audit will also have a report on the 2018 budget.