17 January 2022,   08:34
There were many violent and insulting calls, which was answered by law enforcers - Deputy Ombudsman

"Unfortunately, the worst at this counter demonstration were violent actions and violent statements," said the Deputy Ombudsman Giorgi Burjanadze while assessing the developments at the government administration.
Giorgi Burjanadze says that in spite of violent calls, the law enforcers have not responded properly.
"The police had two obligations yesterday, one of the functions was a dividing line between the two rallies, which they had done honestly, and the police really fulfilled their duties. The second function, which they had was the response to the offenders, which had no place on the ground despite many calls for violence and insulting statements that violated the public order and all of this, unfortunately, was unanswered and in most cases ", Burjanadze said.
Giorgi Burjanadze also commented on Levan Vasadze"s video address where he said that he would not allow the LGBT community to marry and invited the public to Vera Garden tomorrow to get acquainted with the action plan.
According to Giorgi Burjanadze, if any person"s statement contains threats to health or life, this action is already associated with the criminal act and not with the freedom of expression.