26 January 2022,   00:54
Georgian and Azerbaijani governments should realize that Georgian people are not going to give up Davit Gareji - Irma Inashvili

The demonstration of the "Alliance of Patriots " in Freedom Square has been completed. Approximately one-hour meeting was held without confrontation and noise.The only incident occurred when the participants saw the flag of the "European Georgia" in the city council window . "Patriots" and their supporters saw the flag with the inscription - "May NATO be here ".
Irma Inashvili and Davit Tarkhan-Mouravi organized a demonstration on Freedom Square after the developments around Davit Gareji . The slogan of the protest was "Davit Gareji is Georgia.
"The main demand of the action is that the Georgian authorities, the Azerbaijani authorities should understand, that the Georgian people are not going to give up Davit Gareji. Davit Gareji is Georgia, we must protect our territory and cultural heritage, "Irma Inashvili said.
Supporters of the "Alliance of Patriots" specially came from the regions .