21 January 2022,   11:40
I do not see the special need at this stage - the parliamentary majority on Sergeenko"s possible resignation

Sergeenko may be dismissed - Minister of Health Care actually confirmed this information to the "Courier".
Members of the parliamentary majority do not have information about the changes planned in the government. Chairman of the Committee on European Integration Tamar Khulordava says that she heard the information about the resignation of Sergeenko from "Rustavi 2".
The deputy chairman of the Human Rights Committee does not see the need to change the healthcare minister. But Dimitri Tskitishvili said that the Prime Minister"s competence is to determine who stays in the team and who does not.
"I do not see a special need at this stage. There are current reforms, successes, there are some shortcomings - this is a working process. In this case the competence of the chairman of the government is to decide whom to change in the team, "said Tskitishvili.
Sergeenko in the exclusive interview with "Courier" does not exclude his resignation from office. The current minister says that the Prime Minister has the prerogative to declare this decision and he cannot speak about his resignation before his public announcement.
It is not yet clear when the Minister of Health will resign. However, it is known that the Prime Minister"s briefing is scheduled at 14:00 today. It is not excluded that Bakhtadze will make a statement about Sergeenko"s dismissal at today"s briefing.