23 January 2022,   14:21
Changing the Minister will not eliminate problems in the health care problems - Chiaberashvili

Zurab Chiaberashvili, one of the leaders of "European Georgia", responds to the information that the health minister Davit Sergeenko will be dismissed.
According to Chiaberashvili, there are many shortcomings in the healthcare system, which will not be solved if the entire government is not changed completely.
" I can say directly that the change of ministers cannot help the huge problems and challenges in the healthcare sector in the conditions of the Georgian Dream. The main problem here is the wrong structure of the universal healthcare system, the wrong design and the wrong spending of money, "said Zurab Tchiaberashvili.
Sergeenko in the exclusive interview with "Courier" does not exclude his resignation from office. The current minister says that the Prime Minister has the prerogative to declare this decision and he cannot speak about his resignation before his public announcement.
It is not yet clear when the Minister of Health will resign. However, it is known that the Prime Minister"s briefing is scheduled at 14:00 today. It is not excluded that Bakhtadze will make a statement about Sergeenko"s dismissal at today"s briefing.