28 October 2020,   04:11
Opposition access the fact that Ukraine"s Ambassador left the Assembly

This was a lesson for the "Georgian Dream" - opposition assessed the fact that the Ukrainian ambassador left in protest the Assembly when the Russian Duma MP was addressing the public.
Igor Dolgov defended his country"s interests in this form, which is still occupied by Russia. According to the opposition, the ambassador defended his country"s dignity.
"It was a very correct behavior of a patriot of his country diplomat. Of course, if the Georgian government had been either a patriot or actually had opposed Russia"s occupation, of course, it would not have allowed the Russian politicians in the country", - said a member of the "National Movement" Salome Samadashvili.
The members of the opposition are thankful to the Ukrainian ambassador and call it a bold step as a sign of protest towards the Assembly.
"One thing is that Gavrilov participated in the bloodshed of Georgians and his entry was a political statement by the Georgian Dream, but his enrollment was also insulting for the sovereignty of Ukraine. In fact, the crisis was caused by Georgian-Ukrainian relations. Such demarcation is an extraordinary step from the ambassador of any country, "said Giorgi Kandelaki, a member of" European Georgia ".