27 October 2020,   08:37
"Today everybody has felt that the government has betrayed us" - Tamar Kordzaia

An unprecedented number of police is mobilized in the parliament yard. Law enforcers came in several buses. At this moment a large-scale rally is being held at the legislative body. The civil society and the opposition are protesting the arrival of Russian lawmakers in the country.
They demand from the parliament speaker to take political responsibility on the incident.
"So many people were brought here not only by insult but today, everybody felt that the government has betrayed us. The government has betrayed us and the most important thing is the unity of our state. This government came to power by this unity. I would like to remind our viewers that Bidzina Ivanishvili, the president, all spoke about the war in 2008 started by the Georgian authorities, but now it turned out that today"s government is without war handing over to the Russians our state. Today, no citizen has forgiven the government. No citizen will forgive betrayal "- said Tamar Kordzaia.