26 September 2020,   19:21
It is important to find out who ordered to use those rubber bullets - Beselia

Eka Beselia assesses the presence of Anzor Chubinidze at the bloody events on June 20.

According to Eka Beselia, Chubinidze"s office is obliged to protect the Parliament. That is why the MP justifies his presence.

However, Eka Beselia says that should be determined who ordered to use rubber bullets against citizens - the Interior Ministry or eAnzor Chubinidze.

"The Parliament is protected by the State Security Service, which is headed by Anzor Chubinidze... It does not surprise me that he was there, because he is the head of the Service and he should not watch it from the window. I do not have footage, where he acts illegally. Should be investigated how and what has he had ordered...

This is an axiom that it is always the political responsibility of the ruling party and the government. It has a high political price and they will have to pay,"- said Eka Beselia.