18 September 2020,   21:17
Prosecutor"s Office requests Nika Melia"s imprisonment

Criminal prosecution has started against MP Nika Melia. The prosecutor"s office requests this imprisonment.
The Prosecutor"s Office addresses Parliament with the proposal to approve Nika Melia`s detention.
The statement was made in the Prosecutor"s Office several minutes ago.
According to the representative of the investigative agency, an investigation against the member of parliament started on June 20-21 due to the events taking place in front of the parliament.
Prosecutor"s Office accused Nika Melia of organizing group violence.
Nika Melia is summoned to the Investigative Office tomorrow.
"As you know, the Prosecutor General"s Office of Georgia and the Central Criminal Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are conducting an investigation on the fact of organizing and participating in group violence on the rally held in front of Parliament on June 20-21, 2019 under the Criminal Code of Georgia. Within the scope of the investigation, signs of the crime envisaged by the Criminal Code were revealed in relation to the Member of Parliament of Georgia, Nikanor Melia. Nicanor Melia is charged with the prosecution"s provision under Article 225 §§ 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. Nicanor Melia is summoned to the Prosecutor General"s Office for the purpose of filing charges. The Prosecutor General"s Office of Georgia has already informed the legislative body.
In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is actively engaged in identifying persons who have been carrying out the obvious violent actions at the rally of 20-21 June - attempted to violate the police cordon and storm the parliament, throwing various objects at the law enforcement officers, physically damaging them and destroying private property objects. A significant part of these persons has already been identified. In the coming days, appropriate measures will be taken to initiate criminal prosecution against them.
Besides, as you know, 121 persons were sentenced to administrative imprisonment for committing various offenses a part of whom was already released from imprisonment. Currently, 54 persons remain in custody. Taking into consideration the quality of their participation in illegal activities, the decision was made to appeal to the court for the release of the majority, "the statement reads.