07 August 2020,   13:30
MPs prepare to strip immunity from NIka Melia - MPs prepare for voting

The sitting of Bureau has ended. MPs tare preparing for the session and will take a decision on Nika Melia"s immunity.

Roman Kakulia, the member of the ruling party says that he will take the decision after the speaker"s speech. The MP says he has questions about the evidence.

Giorgi Kakhiani is waiting for the sessions well. According to him, those lawmakers who have not received information about the specific case at the committee session will have the opportunity to learn additional details at the session.

"Members of the Parliament have already been informed. They listen to the statements of the representative of the prosecutor"s office, evaluations and presumably they have already made the final decision. But the members of the parliament who have not yet been informed, will listen to the discussion at the plenary sitting and I am sure all of them will make decisions,"- said Giorgi Kakhiani.