07 August 2020,   13:29
Everybody makes their own decision - Mariam Jashi did not vote to suspend immunity for Melia

Everybody makes their own decision - Mariam Jashi, a member of the parliamentary majority, refrained from voting on Nika Melia"s suspension of the mandate.
According to Mariam Jashi, she thinks it was possible to make an alternate decision. Jashi excludes that any lawmaker has voted against Melia against their own will.
91 MPs voted for the decision to suspend immunity to Nika Melia. Three members of the parliamentary majority: Mariam Jashi, Beka Odisharia, and Roman Kakulia did not vote for suspending Melia"s immunity. Investigation charges Melia for the organization of violence. The charge envisages from 6 to 9 years of imprisonment.