07 August 2020,   07:43
Ivanishvili"s assignment is fulfilled - "Georgian Dream" Delivers Political Decision on Nika Melia

For the first time, in the history of Georgia, a lawmaker`s immunity has been stopped for his arrest. 91 members of the Georgian Dream supported the request of the Prosecutor"s Office. Salome Samadashvili, a member of the "National Movement" read aloud the names of the Georgian Dream"s lawmakers, who allegedly sent Melia to prison with one click on the green button.
The opposition believes that Ivanishvili`s team has shown political commitment but the dictatorship has begun in the country. Members of the parliamentary majority made similar statements.
Only Nika Melia from the opposition attended the meeting. At the request of Melia, the opposition boycotted the session. Nika Melia was listening to the two-hour meeting in the hall, once he made a statement and told the "Georgian Dream" that they were prisoners too.
Melia was at the sitting in Parliament for the last time today. Tomorrow the Prosecutor"s Office will ask the court to arrest him and presumably he will be imprisoned tomorrow.