28 January 2022,   01:05
"Ivanishvili Wants to Split Opposition" - Opposition Demands to Maintain Electoral Blocks for 2020

According to constitutional amendments, the 2020 elections will be held in a proportional manner.
According to the amendments, the election threshold will be annulled from the next election, and political parties are prohibited to participate in voting as blocks.
Opposition parties say that by annulling the blocks Ivanishvili is trying to split the opposition. The opponents of the government are not going to give up this issue during the legislative hearings.
"Ivanishvili wants to divide the opposition. Our principal position is that the blocks should be maintained. This is, in fact, a tiny swindle for Ivanishvili during the game lost. This situation can not change and reiterates its already damaged reputation, "said Sergo Ratiani, a member of" European Georgia ".
Opposition parties say that the process of discussions should be broad, involving the non-governmental sector, experts and international organizations.
"After the elections, the country needs an effective government, and in this sense, I think the banning the blocks is undesirable because the blocks promote the formation of a single action plan among those parties which will make the formation of the government according to the results of the elections. Now we have to start a process and we should ask the opinion of foreign partners and respective organizations that advise on the constitutional reform of the country, for example, the Venice Commission and then to establish a position ", - said the member of the" National Movement", Salome Samadashvili.
Constitutional amendments have already been initiated in parliament and discussions will begin next week.