18 August 2022,   11:03
"I"m ready for any decision, including a political career," -Mariam Jashi

"I was ready for any decision, including giving up my political career," said Mariam Jashi, chairperson of the parliamentary committee for Education, Science and Culture.
According to Jashi, the members of the ruling team did not say that she should leave the chair of the committee.However, according to her, if the team had made this decision, she is ready to obey.
"Before the majority meeting, I was absolutely ready to share my colleagues" position if they had decided that my different position could be problematic, I was ready for any decision. Including giving up political career. After the meeting, I informed you about the results of the meeting, since such communication had not happened. I still believe and I do not see the problem in what i did , "said Mariam Jashi.
The leader of the parliamentary majority Giorgi Volsky has announced that the team will discuss Roman Kakulia`s and Mariam Jashi"s resignation from the parliamentary posts.Chairmen of Sectoral Economics and Education committees have been criticized for not supporting lifting Nika Melia`s immunity of the MP.
Mariam Jashi is one of the four MPs of the majority who did not support suspension of Nika Melia"s immunity