20 August 2022,   07:17
"Will you charge us or wait until we break into the glass palace?" - Okruashvili

After the briefing of the Prosecutor"s Office, Irakli Okruashvili, the leader of "The Winning Georgia" released a statement on the social networks.
Okruashvili is one of those opposition leaders summoned for interrogation.
"Finally, my intuition has betrayed me. For 7 years I have thought that Ivanishvili had brains. I have made a mistake. Before I return, think well whether we are witnesses, we should be charged or you will wait until we break into the glass palace. I have a return ticket for the 19th. If you wanted something, you would at least inform or would not let me cross the border, but Bidzina does not guts to make a decision. So, until 19th Grigolich. Don"t worry till then . If before that you decide to arrest the others, I am here the next day, "Okruashvili writes in the social network