14 August 2022,   03:46
Today it is decided on Rustaveli, who this country belongs to - participants of anti-occupation rally will arrive at the parliament at 19:00

The organizers of the anti-occupation rally are not going to postpone the rally in Rustaveli Avenue that has been going on for 19 days. According to the organizers, today the parliament will decide whether the country belongs to the pro-Russian forces or the independent people. The organizers call on citizens to come today at 19:00.
"We, the peaceful citizens of Georgia, united under the belief that human freedom and equality are the basis for building a free state; We . who agree that Russia is the historic enemy and occupant of our country; who support our country"s Euro-Atlantic future, believe that:"Today it is decided whether pro-Russian forces and governments managed by Russia will create an illusion that this country belongs to them;
"Today at 19:00, we are gathering at Rustaveli Avenue, peacefully, with symbols of our rallies, Georgia`s, the European Union`s and NATO`s flags ;
"At the same time, we call on the State to take into account the violent calls of the counter -rally participants and to fulfill its obligation and ensure the security of the participants and the right to manifestation;
"We are awaiting you on Rustaveli, from seven," said Misha Mshvildadze, organizer of the rally.
Mshvildadze read the statement at Heroes Square. According to him, the place was symbolically selected to remind citizens of the names of those people who sacrificed their lives against Russia.We will remind you that on the Rustaveli Avenue the counter rally is underway, where Levan Vasadze and his supporters are gathered.