12 August 2022,   16:44
Scandalous recognition - Giorgi Gakharia said at the closed meeting that Rocket bullets were targeted

Scandalous recognition, exactly three weeks after the bloody night of June 20th - Giorgi Gakharia said at the closed meeting that Rocket bullets were targeted, as the existing and well-tested rubber bullets in the arsenal of the law enforcement officers would not have enough results. The Minister of Internal Affairs made this statement at the meeting with experts and analysts.
According to experts, Giorgi Gakharia noticed that little rubber bullets did not make an effect during the events of the Pankisi Gorge.
"Pankisi events had its influence over the processes. It is the fact that the little rubber bullets were not productive, Giorgi Gakharia said that directly. These are the opinions analyzed after the fact by the Minister, " - said the expert of military-political and security issues, Amiran Gamkrelidze.
According to analysts, Giorgi Gakharia told them that he is not going to resign, but says he issued a decree on June 20 and the process is under his responsibility. According to experts, the Interior Minister told them that during the dispersal of the rally there were single violations.
"He said he is not going to go in-depth into the issue of liability and said that he is fully responsible for the process. There were few excesses like shooting from 50 metres to the people. He said that everything should be cleared, like who has committed it and therefore we can make the following conclusions. He emphasized the steps taken by the parties and their actions, " - said Mamuka Areshidze, the head of the Caucasian Center for Strategic Research.