14 August 2022,   04:38
Investigation against Nika Melia is upside down - lawyer to report video evidence

Nika Melia"s case has turned upside down. The lawyer of one of the opposition leaders has released video footage from the case against the MP which shows how opposition leaders are trying to neutralize angry protesters and risky situations.
The video footage is among the evidence from the Prosecutor General"s Office of Georgia. The video shows that Melia addresses protesters and tells them that it is time for negotiations with the authorities and the situation should be dissolved by dialogue. After Melia Grigol Vashadze asks for permission to enter the parliament for negotiations with the Prime Minister.
The video evidence shows that after these statements, the leaders are going to meeting with Giorgi Gakharia, but before they enter the Parliament, the Special Forces start shooting and disrupt the attempt of the dialogue with the government. The riot police first used the capsules with pepper gas. According to the lawyer, new video evidence is enough to cancel all restrictions imposed for Nika Melia. According to Giorgi Konadkhishvili, the Prosecutor"s falsified case has collapsed.
Gigi Ugulava gave testimony in the presence of the magistrate judge on the so-called state coup case. One of the leaders of the "European Georgia" assesses the case against oppositionists by the investigative agency as a chronicle of falsification.