06 October 2022,   21:54
Ivanishvili leads the country to dictatorship - the main message of the opposition to the president of the European Council

Ivanishvili is leading the country to dictatorship - this was the main message, which was heard by the President of the European Council today from the Georgian opposition. The Georgian Dream"s opponents directly asked Donald Tusk to stop the political crisis in the country and threaten the Russian oligarch with specific financial sanctions.
The opposition advised the president of the European Council to use the term sanction during the conversation with Ivanishvili. Speaking about imposing sanctions for Ivanishvili, the opposition was trying to convince the president of the European Council that the pressure was the only possibility to suspend the dictatorial aspirations of the "Dream" leader.
The meeting was closed, however, the "Courier" found out that the conversation touched upon the investigation launched into the state coup and charging Nika Melia. The opposition directly told Tusk that this is a politically motivated case, which is used by the "Dream" leader to neutralize the opposition.
The President of the European Council told the opposition that the authorities had to fulfill recommendations that the OSCE wrote during the last elections. They also talked about proportional elections. The President of the European Council and the Polish Foreign Minister did not hide the fact that they do not like the "Dream" initiative about holding the elections with a zero barrier and see the threats.
After the opposition, Donald Tusk had a meeting with Bidzina Ivanishvili. That"s why the opposition has handed over messages to Ivanishvili through the president of the European Council.