06 October 2022,   22:03
So called Politicians will not avoid liability -Prime Minister"s threat to the opposition

The Prime Minister of Georgia says that investigation is underway on the night of June 20th and this investigation must answer all questions and no question marks should be left.

The Prime Minister says that all politicians, who tried to use the protest of young people for political purposes will be held responsible.

"The Georgian people saw on their screens what we were dealing with, and naturally all these would have legal assessments.We are dealing with the fact that there was a storm of the parliament and the police were forced to use legitimate power, this is an assessment of the events of June 20.

We have injured and there were cases when some law enforcement officers exeeded power, they used extra strength, all of which should be investigated to identify each person, "Bakhtadze said.

The event is held in Iakob Gogebashvili"s museum in Variani, where the Prime Minister was met by the participated of the rally.