05 October 2022,   06:16
"There are many questions" - Narchemashvili on bloody events of June 20

Koba Narchemashvili, the Kutaisi Majoritarian MP, shares the initiative of creating a temporary parliamentary investigative commission on the night of June 20.

United National Movement plans to set up this proposal in parliament at an extraordinary session.

Koba Narchemashvili says that there are quite a lot of questions about the developments in the so- called Gavrilov night and it should be found out by the investigative commission.

According to Narchemashvili, on the night of June 20, citizens" protest was legitimate, but later the violent actions of political forces were revealed.

In addition, Narchemashvili says that the police illegally used force during the dispersal of the protest.

"It will not be bad , because there are many questions and the investigative commissions are for this type of issues. I am always against investigative commissions for specific investigative activities, but when there is a political liability, it is more appropriate, of course, to create an investigative commission in parliament, "said Nerumashvili.