20 August 2022,   07:29
Another attack on "Rustavi 2" - the owner of 9% sues Nika Gvaramia

Nino Nizharadze, owner of 9% shares of "Rustavi 2" sues Nika Gvaramia at Prosecutor"s Office. Nizharadze demands to launch criminal prosecution against the company"s Director General under three articles. The shareholder of "Rustavi 2" and her lawyer claim that Nika Gvaramia"s actions damage the company.
According to Giorgi Kavlashvili, they came to this conclusion after studying financial documents. The main questions are the contract signed with the advertising company"Intermedia". Besides "Intermedia", TV company "Third" is suspicious for Nizharadze and Kavlashvili.
They view as an independent LLC the broadcaster belonging to "Rustavi 2" and assert that "Rustavi 2" accumulates the "hidden funds" there.
Nika Gvaramia is convinced that Nizharadze and her lawyer are acting at the orders of the government. According to Rustavi 2"s Director General, the application filed with the Prosecutor"s Office and the court"s claim is legally groundless.
In the statement made by Nizharadze in the prosecutor"s office, the government"s interests are seen by the company"s lawyers. They accuse Giorgi Kavlashvili of spreading lies. According to "Rustavi 2" lawyers, the audit company has not been yet selected to conduct a legal analysis of financial documents. Accordingly, they can not understand based on what research Nizharadze"s lawyer believes that Gvaramia acting is detrimental for the company.