18 January 2022,   23:42
We will find a mechanism save free speech - Giorgi Vashadze on "Rustavi 2"


We will definitely find a mechanism for free speech - one of the leaders of United Opposition Giorgi Vashadze responds to the transfer of "Rustavi 2" to Kibar Khalvashi.

Vashadze states that this is not just a battle of Rustavi 2, it is a struggle for freedom and Georgia"s well-being. According to Vashadze, irreversible processes in the country will start and there will be many violations unanswered.

"We will definitely find a mechanism for free speech, the battle for the future and to fight for Georgia"s better tomorrow... Nobody should think that this is a battle for Rustavi 2 or any other TV company. This is a fight for Georgia and freedom,"- Vashadze said.

Bachuki Kardava, the chairperson of the National Democratic Party, says that the government is in agony.
According to him, the ruling team knows that his rating does not exist any more.

Bachuki Kardava is convinced that Ivanishvili received the directive from the Kremlin to shut down Rustavi 2.