14 August 2022,   08:30
"Government is behind all the crimes" - Opposition responds to the statement of Eka Beselia

The opposition is convinced that in the conditions of the "Georgian Dream" government, the criminals names who made person"s personal life public will never become known.
The opposition speaks about the alleged motives of the prolonged investigation and does not exclude direct connections between the government and authors of moral terror.
Roman Gotsiridze, one of the leader of the "United National Movement," said that the government is standing behind all the high-profile cases that are not yet investigated.
"Video footage served the only purpose - maintaining political power, blackmail, establishing Ivanishvili"s sole government. It will certainly be investigated after the government will change and the perpetrators will be sentenced for the crime," - said Gotsiridze.
One of the leader of "European Georgia," Gigi Ugulava considers that the reason is that the government is behind all the crimes.