28 January 2022,   00:25
Prosecutors are in Rustavi 2

Prosecutors entered the Rustavi 2 building. Investigations are currently underway in one of the blocks of the television headquarters. It is about the part of the office where the contractor company "Intermedia" was located. Prosecutors removed the documents from Intermedia"s headquarters yesterday, and further investigations are under way.
Prosecutor Lasha Abuladze explains that the investigative actions are related to the misappropriation and misuse of large amounts of money.
The prosecutors are currently in the room of the CEO of this company.
Paata Salia, director general of Rustavi 2,who says he is not aware of the details, is attending the investigation process.
“He said he was interested in all the documents. It is within the scope of the investigation that has begun. Both the investigation into the damage to Rustavi 2 and the investigation into the Intermedia and apparently these documents are of interest to those involved in the Intermedia. I don"t have any more information at this point, ”Paata Salia said.
Intermedia is a Rustavi 2 contractor selling advertising time