30 June 2022,   20:43
There are signs of crime - Paata Salia on Nika Gvaramia"s indictment

"There are definitely signs of crime," Paata Salia, The Director-General of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2, said in a statement.

Paata Salia responds to the charges against Nika Gvaramia. Salia says that information released by the investigating agency shows that the deal is harmful to the company"s interests.

"The circumstances that we have heard that the funds belonging to the broadcasting company" Rustavi 2 "were accumulated in another company and other company was buying the real estate, which was transmitted to the director of the" Rustavi 2 "broadcasting company. That shows that the contract was harmful to the company and therefore I can not comment about qualifications and Whether or not a person is found guilty. I can say that there are signs of crime,"- said Paata Salia.

Nika Gvaramia was charged by the Prosecutor"s Office today.