25 June 2022,   11:12
"Long history of the big 25-year-old Broadcasting Company is over" - Nika Gvaramia

"The long history of the big 25-year-old TV company is over and it has been completed by 36 tooth man and his appointed Paata Salia,"- Nika Gvaramia said in response to the sale of "Rustavi 2."
According to Gvaramia, the allegation that Nika Gvaramia had accumulated up to 70 million debts during his tenure is not true.
“This is the so-called Hanging debts. Paata Salia is not an expert in any field at all, he is a middle-class clerk, a lawyer, he has never heard of good advocacy, nor has he done anything outstanding in life ... 30 of these 70 million are so called Hanging debts, which are dead loans or loans signed as partner debts. I didn"t even pay attention, I was handed the dying company and it survived for years," - Gvaramia said.
Nika Gvaramia also criticizes Paata Salia"s statement, said he is a "shameful" director.
"This is the shameful, catastrophic disaster. This processes were promoted by the European Court of Human Rights. Salia is a director who sold the company in a month," - Nika Gvaramia said.