12 August 2020,   11:00
"Tt is not possible to engage with the team of Ivanishvili or any of its satellites in any way" - "European Georgia"

"European Georgia" has no plans to cooperate with Bidzina Ivanishvili"s party after the 2020 elections. Opposition party officials said that the most dangerous thing at this point is that the ruling team does not announce with who they are going to cooperate.
“Why should you declare pro-Western forces are unacceptable for you? For "European Georgia" and our partners, the "Free Democrats," is the number one postulate that it is not possible to engage with Ivanishvili"s team or any of its satellites in any way," - Bokeria said.
Deputy Speaker of the faction of the "United National Movement" Salome Samadashvili, said that the ruling party cannot stay in power after elections.
“The "Georgian Dream" has no chance of remaining in power after elections. That is why they started talking about the coalition. In fact, we might get a coalition government after the next election, but it will be a coalition government of pro-Western political players in our country,” - Samadashvili said.
The "Alliance of Patriots" is still a satellite party of the "Georgian Dream," so it will be natural for them to cooperate" - Samadashvili said.