03 July 2022,   19:46
Bidzina Gegidze Speaks of Political Persecution, Accuses Members of His Own Team


Georgian Dream MP Bidzina Gegidze declared himself a victim of political persecution today.

Bidzina Gegidze accuses the State Security Service of persecuting its team members. A lawmaker from the ruling team said the investigation began after he began to criticize his own teammates.

Gegidze also mentioned Giorgi Kvirikashvili, who is his friend, suggesting that the investigation was launched soon after Kvirikashvili"s dismissal.

Gegidze says unequivocally that the investigation is not legal and that it has a political purpose.

"Kvirikashvili resigned in mid-June and the investigation began on August 2, as the State Security Agency says. Regardless what people say, there is a political factor here, simply because I am a politician and this investigation began during my active political career and it is logical that the process, which started in 2018 is related to my political activity,” says Bidzina Gegidze.