03 July 2022,   19:25
Georgia has a pro-Russian government and this is evident from all its moves - non-parliamentary opposition


Georgia has a pro-Russian government, and this is evident from all its moves - the non-parliamentary opposition responds to the ongoing borderization process in Gugutiantkari.

According to Levan Samushia, the Executive Secretary of Free Democrats, the government does its best not to cause discomfort for Putin and sacrifices the interests of the state.

"When there is an occupation in the country, when they arrange barbed wires, take houses and noone says anything, this is a pro-Russian government and the main motivation and driving force is not to offend Putin," Samushia said.

Samushia criticizes the Georgian president for failing to respond to the borderization process, which started on August 7.

"The only way out of all this, the solution is to overthrow the pro-Russian government in the 2020 parliamentary elections," says Samushia.

The leader of the Labor Party also responds to the resumption of the occupation process by the Russian soldiers and the silence of the Georgian authorities.

According to Shalva Natelashvili, the President of Georgia is a "satellite" of Ivanishvili and Putin and cannot make an independent decision.

"Today Georgia is run by traders who sell products to Georgia and the Georgian people," Natelashvili said.