25 November 2020,   13:03
Refue to conduct holy rite in absence of pilgrims

Part of the road to Davit Gareji Monastery is still closed. Despite the first outcome of the Gakharia-Aliyev meeting, access to the disputed territory is at least partially restricted for the clergy. Clergymen do not agree to pray in the monastery without tourists and pilgrims.

Some of the clergymen who serve at the David Gareji Monastery complex will be able to move to the Udabno temple after almost 4 months of waiting. As Georgian border guards told "Kurieri", Father Paul is already in the temple. As for the Chichkhituri Temple, the Georgian border guards have not yet received an order for the admission of priests.
Negotiations over the lands of David Gareji between the Georgian and Azerbaijani sides have been ongoing for about six months. About 20 rounds of negotiations were held during this period.
Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia reached an agreement with the President of Azerbaijan yesterday.
As for permitting guides and tourists, the talks are still ongoing and it is not yet known when they will be able to move to the area.